This has gotten out of control. I have 28 books on my to-read list, and I was hoping to clear out this to-read list in 2002. That means I have to read roughly 1 book every 13 days this year, starting now.

In case you’re wondering about this list of ridiculous proportions, it’s buried in my personal pages, unintentionally really, but that’s just how the design worked out.

Why is this such a pressing issue now? Because for Christmas, my in-laws gave me a gift card to Waldenbooks. That’s how the list jumped from 23 to 28 just today. Pfeh!

I finished one tonight, at least, Iain Banks’ latest called Look to Windward. I was slightly disappointed by the development of the story and flatness of some of the characters, but still surprised at the ending. Either I’m easily surprised or he’s just that good. Perhaps both.

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