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I want to see “The Fellowship of the Ring” again, this time to see the inconsistencies some folks are nattering on about. (I don’t mean the discrepancies; I mean inconsistencies within the film itself.) In other LotR news, Chad has informed me that my Hobbit name is Sweetpea Chubb. How fitting! The abbreviated version of FotR and the secret diaries of Legolas, Boromir, Frodo, Sam and Gandalf are amusing, too. And last, but not least, I finally calculated my D&D stats. They are frighteningly accurate …

Str: 5     Int: 11     Wis: 17     Dex: 11     Con: 10     Chr: 18    

Getting up at 6, arriving to work at 7, is actually a Good Thing. It will take some adjustments to my sleep schedule, and the National Sleep Foundation agrees with me. The NSF also thinks I have serious insomnia and sleep deprivation. (Don’t the two go hand-in-hand?) I like their brochure called “The ABCs of ZZZs” because it tells me very important things like: “Don’t use your bed for anything other than sleep or sex. Your bed should be associated with sleep.” … or sex. The two are (thankfully) very different activities, for me, perhaps more different than they are for the author of this brochure. And that’s just sad.

Anyone watching my webcam lately knows that I’ve been sleeping a lot while not in bed. The progression from reading to reading while lying down to napping must be fun to watch. Since some folks have asked, I’m reading “Look to Windward” or rereading “The Lord of the Rings”, depending on the thickness of the book in the cam shot (the former is pretty thin).

I’m sure my sleep problems have something to do with work. My new employee started on Monday, and although she is a joy to train, I’m having no small amount of anxiety about how I’m training her. The job she has to do isn’t exactly an easy one to learn; it’s going to take her months to pick up some of the details, just as I am still picking up some of the details, 8.5 months after my hire date. Intricate workplaces are just like that. This week hasn’t been a good workweek anyway. Several people working for the university were laid off, most of them total surprises to everyone, and it wasn’t handled well. The Library was lucky: we didn’t lose anyone, but morale is incredibly low.

There is a new project in the works. Unfortunately, the project requires some petty cash, of which I have none. Our last paycheck was on 21 December, and my first car payment hit this month. So, whee! I am gearing up for a fun thing here, but you won’t see the results until after the 15th.

I’ll also be heading back east for two weeks with my family, especially my grandmother, very soon. If you’re in northwestern PA or the Chicagoland area and want to hang out while I’m visiting, let me know. I won’t have a lot of free time, but dinner or at least coffee will be doable if I plan it well in advance.

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