the last whatever

Summary list of lasts of my own devising. Feel free to copy and distribute.

  1. Last alarm set for: 6 a.m. Ouch.
  2. Last gadget fiddled with: my iPod.
  3. Last music listened to: Beethoven’s string quartets.
  4. Last irrational fear: One tiny part of my gums hurt, that must mean that all my teeth are rotting and will fall out of my mouth tomorrow even though I brush three times a day, obsessively, even.
  5. Last procrastination: making any sort of dental, gyne, or optometric appointments.
  6. Last beverage drunk: a big glass of cold water, although I wanted hot tea.
  7. Last junk mail received: yet another credit card offer. Whatever.
  8. Last out-of-touch friend thought of: Pas. He’d better be in Meadville when I get there.
  9. Last picture viewed: some crazy ‘stedcam shots.
  10. Last number called: Chad, working late.
  11. Last strange hope: that my license plate will arrive in the mail tomorrow.
  12. Last email sent: to Mish, and never-you-mind about what. :)
  13. Last email received: from a friend who seems to be sad. :(
  14. Last website surfed: – are these people for real? (I blame The Friendly Fascist for this distraction.)
  15. Last daily regret: that I did not finish all the laundry. Then again, when do I ever finish all the laundry?

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I give respect and reverence to those who came before me.