AIM and George R.R.

I don’t usually use AOL Instant Messenger, but I know some of you do, so please take note of this worrisome security breach discovered by a group called w00w00. I prefer ICQ, and I don’t even know if it’s more secure than AIM; I just know that it was my first instant messenger and I keep coming back to it. Last night I even got to chat with my dad and stepmom for a bit, and I know I’ve mentioned the Algerian fellows before. Instant messaging is in turns entrancing and frustrating. The key with it, in all things, is not to let it supplant real face-to-face (or phone, for long distances) communication. Things can be broken in this flat place.

I ran across a mention of Westeros, a fan site for the Song of Ice and Fire books by George R. R. Martin. Chad and I are both fans, so I sent him the URL, and then noticed that there’s a MUSH as well. Uh-oh. Like I need another timesink.

The spaceheater next to me is humming, and I am warming my fingers around my mug of chamomile tea. A nice three-hour nap after work has bumped my schedule back a little, but I think I’ll go “preheat the bed” (read: turn on the super-duper electric blanket) and write in my paper journal before midnight. This 2002 headache refuses to dissipate, and I am dreading another sleepless night with shooting pain behind my left eye. Today at work it was so bad that my eye teared up and was twitching. Monthly wonders, indeed.

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