It turns out I’m only good at planning impromptu events. Who knew? (Other than everyone else except for me. Yeah, yeah.)

Chad suggested, last night, as he was walking out the door to rehearsal, that we host a New Year’s party, since we don’t want to venture out of Marin and we have a few friends in the north bay who might feel the same way. I quickly invited Lunesse and Atomicboy, John (who had just fixed my computer) and his fiancÈe Maureen, Alice, Sarah, Chris and Clay, and the rest of the D&D crew. Snacks and wine are on hand, and yet I have only a vague idea of who’s showing up around eight. But hey, Marinites need parties too, and my bathroom really needed a good scrubbing.

Here’s hoping wherever you may be, you greet the new year with a smile. Happy Palindrome, everyone.

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