it’s beginning to look a lot like

One-day weekends aren’t really weekends at all. That’s okay; I’m about to have a whole bunch of time off for the holidays. I decorated the house a bit today for Christmas, with lights and garland and Christmas cards and our stockings on the mantel and a miniature pine tree on the dining-room table. Now it feels like Christmas!

To clarify: I absolutely love all the “name that echo” suggestions so far. I just wanted to give everyone a chance to play. So don’t get all bent out of shape! Here are the finalist entries ( now you can get bent out of shape):

  • Inko (submitted by Mish)
  • Lalia (as in “echolalia”, submitted by Treppenwitz)
  • Loligo (submitted by Lunesse)
  • Mink Car (submitted by both David and Roe)
  • Tentacles (pronounced TENT-ah-kleez, submitted by Kim)
We’re making chili and cornbread, with a pecan pie for dessert tonight. Our newly-engaged friends are coming over and we’ll stuff ourselves and watch a movie. Tomorrow I’ll name the car, so prepare yourselves!

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