finger’s tip

The tip of my left index finger goes partially numb when pressure is applied. It only lasts a second or two, then returns to normal. Should I be worried?

If you are a California Highway Patrol officer, do not read the following: I got the Echo up to 80 on the expressway today, without incident or even much sweating from the mini-motor. Saturday mornings on the 101 are pocket-sized joys. Humming tunelessly along to the radio, I am full of hope and of myself. I remember what it was like to enjoy driving, and so I do.

The movie “Vanilla Sky” impressed me. This will be another of those movies I adore and everyone else feels lukewarm about. I thought about buying movie gift certificates for some people who seem to have everything, but then decided that’s as cheesy as buying book gift certificates. How the hell am I ever going to get my Christmas shopping done if everything I think is cool is really cheesy?

Libraries without people in them are simultaneously gorgeous and sad, like russet leaves disappearing under car tires in the rain. Go to a library when it opens, because it needs you. It’s just a building full of books if no one ever uses it.

If you don’t name that echo, no one will. Weep salty, guilty tears in the dead of night or post a suggestion: your choice.

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