Yesterday I skipped another day because it sucked so hard, and I can’t really write about it. Work, while still being a wonderful thing, can really try my patience sometimes. I handled the situation to the best of my abilities and it still wasn’t resolved satisfactorily. And that’s just how it goes, sometimes.

Spending time after work with Chad cheered me up immensely. Then when I checked my email this morning, I was overjoyed at the response to my “name that echo” contest. You people are terrific. TMBG- and squid-related names, even! Some of those puns made my head hurt. I’m still soliciting entries, so keep going. (You can enter as many times as you like, too.)

Tonight I’m having Thai food with a kind, lovely, creative friend of mine named Izumi. His website is almost as cool as he is, so go look at it. Tomorrow I’m coming into work even though the library is closed … expect interesting poetry.

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