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I missed a day! But only because I was at work during the day and at the Lucas companies’ Christmas party in the evening. The party was a different kind of fun from last year, but still fun. Los Lobos was the main musical event, and there was a jazz lounge set up as well. The theme was Mexican, so we had a ton of Mexican food, and everything was washed in red and blue lights; as a result, most of my pictures did not turn out well.

I’ll mess with the pictures and see if I can improve their quality at all. Watch this entry for more photos.

The best part of the night happened while I was sitting at a few tables pushed together with a group of Chad’s coworkers I really like. We were all having a few drinks while joking around and enjoying the music. Right then my new friend Alice (who used to work with them) walked up and gave me a great big hug in welcome, then sat down with us. I had a wonderful moment of, “hey, I have a group of friends here.” I have really needed that.

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