twinkle twinkle little bat

Today we walked to the thrift store and I bought three skirts, a sweater and a pair of jeans (that don’t fit – 4 regulars, anyone?) for under $40. We walked a bit further to inspect something called Merlin’s Magical Kingdom which happened to be a special party room attached to Round Table Pizza. What a disappointment! I was hoping for a rest home for old wizards. A short walk after that brought us to a yummy diner, where we ate, and talked and talked and talked. Chad joined us there after work and then the three of us went to Circuit City, where none of the PDAs have batteries but we entertained ourselves all the same. Mish gave us her Circuit City gift card, so Chad bought a Playstation 2 game and I bought a mini-light that plugs into a USB port to light my keyboard. We came home and put up little white lights all around my ceiling, just like I’ve always wanted.

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