never could get the hang of thursdays

Some of you know I legally, physically, spiritually, whatever-ly changed my name several years ago. I recommend it, if you’ve been thinking of doing it yourself. However, now that my nickname, “‘Sted”, has propagated throughout my circle of friends and acquaintances, I’m getting pangs. Yes, pangs. “I want a new nickname” pangs. Surely those pangs exist?

Even if they don’t, I have them. I like “‘Sted” but I want a new nickname. It can be a second-string nickname, just as long as it gets to stretch its syllables every once in a while. So far, I like “Thursday” but I am open to suggestions. “Thursday Bernard” has a really nice ring to it, and is meaningful too.

Feel free to add real (serious or funny) suggestions, but please, have tact. You should know by now I don’t care what rude names you call me in your own spare time.

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