the current situation

I am exhausted in every way, and you will still find no words of retribution here. The recent attacks on Muslim Americans have proven that violence and revenge accomplish nothing but more suffering. And rushing off to war? Do any of us truly believe our brand of violence is so advanced that it ensures only the guilty parties are killed?

Instead of discussing retribution, why don’t we consider how we got to this point? Can we see ourselves as others see us? Can we at least try? I’m disappointed and dismayed about what has happened, but I cannot sponsor the short-sightedness of an immediate campaign for more violence and destruction. If what matters most to you is a brief period of “got you back!” then clearly you should not be reading this ‘blog. I care far more about how this affects us as human beings than I do about what sort of tactics and politics make for good retaliation.

How am I personally helping out? I’m disseminating information here, I’m donating blood and money, and I’m doing a hell of a lot of learning about the Middle East, U.S. foreign policy, and history. In my opinion, you should be doing all of these things yourself. Then again, you can always log off and pretend it’s not happening to you. It is.

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