the act itself

Not that we’re in danger on this coast, but I wanted to check in anyway. Some of the students are showing up at the library with no clue what happened, reminding me of the words I once uttered as a college student that my father will never let me forget: “There was a coup in Russia?”

I can finally get to, although I’m not sure I wanted to see the headline “America Under Attack” ever. Now, off to email the NYC/DC people I know who haven’t already posted “I’m okay” messages. Bill Shunn has come up with a great idea: a place for people in NYC/DC to check-in. I’m watching it and my LiveJournal friends page carefully.

On the way to work I heard a correspondent on the radio say something about how the act itself was shocking, but the fact that it happened was not. This is the scariest thing I’ve ever heard.

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