walken urge

Lunesse and I were discussing Christopher Walken in the Fat Boy Slim video over a friendly game of backgammon tonight, and got the Walken Urge. You know the one: you’ve just got to see a Christopher Walken movie, and it can’t wait. So we peeked at the Internet Movie Database first, and decided on either “Basquiat” or “The Opportunists” and then drove to Blockbuster. They only had the latter – those heathens! – but we thoroughly enjoyed it over a bowl of extra-buttered popcorn. I like movies with imperfect dialogue and unlikeable characters, I’ve decided. And with supporting cast members like Donal Logue and Cyndi Lauper – come on! It doesn’t get any better than that.

I missed Luny a lot, and was glad to spend some time with her finally. I was a bit low-key because of the long workday, but I still had fun. Chad graciously made us beef and cheese nachos for dinner and then zoomed off to hang out with Chris. Zen has been galloping around the hardwood floors like a maniac, and I am almost asleep, wringing out the last moments of tonight before I get to sleep in till maybe even 8 a.m. Ah, bliss.

Beware. I’m in the schematic stages of constructing my own social circle. I picked Luny’s brain tonight and got some good ideas. Next step: convincing everyone I know in the Bay Area that they want to hang out with each other. C’mon, it can’t be that hard!

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