summer ease

i just received a book in the mail that i wanted, libraries in the ancient world by lionel casson. the thing is, i didn’t order it, and there wasn’t a gift message on the receipt. so it is a secret gift from someone or it’s an mixup. either way, i win!

my dad’s visit was wonderful. we spent a whole day driving down to pacific grove, and we went to the monterey bay aquarium! i was slightly disappointed that there were no squid-specific exhibits (as promised by the website) but while we were looking at the cephalopod exhibit, something fairly magical happened. i was reading the introductory paragraphs on the wall by the entrance when a woman stepped in front of me and started to take a picture of them. i was slightly miffed at being cut in front of, and was about to step to the side to start reading again when i heard her say, “halsted is going to love this picture!”

i know i have a fairly unique name, and still there’s got to be another halsted out there, somewhere. but another halsted who loves squid? i think NOT! i stared at the back of the woman’s head for a second, not knowing who she could be, and then glanced to her immediate right …

… and saw my friend rob, who lives in the bay area. and remembered that errin, an online acquaintance of mine, was visiting rob that weekend. (errin and i actually have another thing in common: we both dated macleod.) we were hoping to all meet up but i knew i’d be too busy with the ‘rents in town. you can imagine our surprise, meeting up over 100 miles from home.

we all agreed to meet up for lunch, and had a very pleasant afternoon, looking at the exhibits and lunching with friends and family.

the night before, we stayed in a bed and breakfast in pacific grove. chad and i had some time to ourselves, walking around by the seashore and talking about various things. it was a much-needed break, and i won’t ever be able to thank my dad enough for giving us the mini-vacation. the time away helped us reconnect, as cliché as that phrase has become.

the new job is, as expected, awesome. i’ve enjoyed this three-day weekend, but i’m a little antsy to get back to work. i’m even more antsy to get my grad school enrollment underway … or rather, to find out just how much financial aid i can get, to see if i can actually do this. i’ll have to go part-time, and the university i work at does not offer a masters in library science, so i will have to do distance learning through san josé state university. it’s going to be tough, but i’m truly looking forward to the challenge. i’ve had some good conversations with the librarians at work; one thinks i should become a systems librarian, but i don’t know. i need to speak with a graduate advisor soon.

some of my entries lately have been super-short. i’m adjusting to more life lived offline. this may not seem like a big deal to most people, but for the past decade i have spent the majority of my leisure time online. as a result, some of my self-perception is awfully skewed, as well as my interaction with others. i am trying – and succeeding, i think – in being more present in my offline presence.

i carry my mobile phone around with me almost obsessively now. still, a conduit to people i can only know facelessly. old habits, old friends. in a short while i’ll head over to the marin county civic center library for volunteering, another attempt at extending myself past my own inertia. more life, more, please.

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