right place, right time

i’m already dreaming about the new job. sometime just before the alarm went off at 06:00 this morning, i dreamed that one of my new coworkers declared i was slacking off because i only worked eight hours a day. weird.

so … hi! i’m in a university library again. yay. i feel giddy and silly and happy. my new coworkers are so nice and competent and charming. i think i will try to use three adjectives in a row to make things simple and even and emphasized.

i am in the circulation office right now, which will be the circulation manager’s office if we ever hire one. i share this office with my evening counterpart. it has three doors, although two are permanently closed, so really just one, plus a window, and windowblinds on all of them. it has a newish computer (obviously); the monitor perches on an immense webster’s new international dictionary. there are no plants in here but i may try and change that soon. there is a phone. i have voicemail. i feel very here.

this is not to say that i am not still clueless at times. i have dazzlingly, spectacularly clueless moments. they are fun, in their own way. no one here expects me to be perfect. maybe this is the best part of all. or it could be the feeling of being in the right place at the right time.


i only had one weekend day (yesterday) because of switching to intersession hours but i get a three-day weekend while my dad is visiting, so that’s all good. tonight at 18:00 will be the ‘stedcam chat as usual. now, back to work, and that is now said with a small, smug smile.

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