the entry that survived

i felt sad that i wasn’t really a ramones fan when i heard joey ramone died. part of me wanted to mourn when i saw everyone else mourning. i felt this way about princess diana, too, although you know she never rocked out like joey did. or maybe she did and just never told anyone. in her royal bathroom. i go punk rawk in the shower; she could’ve too.

the monthly migraine has receded, which means i can actually focus my eyes again! i was bummed to miss sushi with heath, meredith, scott and francoise in the south bay last night, but i wouldn’t have been any fun.

i made a new friend yesterday. hi, alison! (which reminds me, i will miss eating chili on the roof of the crocker galleria with darius.)

i miss my digital camera and my tamagotchi and my crazy friend greg in pennsylvania. i can’t afford to replace any of these right now so i will simply press on.

this is my last friday working here. i just had to tell one of my favorite coworkers that i’m leaving. she took it well, but i saw that look in her eyes … she is disappointed, and doesn’t want me to go. that feels both good and bad. i will miss her.

no one should ever have to have that “renegades of funk” song stuck in her head, especially when she only knows that one line and doesn’t like rage against the machine all that much anyway. well, except for “testify” because that video kicks booty.

is it spelled “booty” like pirate’s booty or “bootie” like baby bootie? should i just have said “kicks ass” instead?

i tried erasing this journal entry, but it survived somehow, so i’m posting it.

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