the candy bar is bigger than my head

my first night of volunteering was tonight. it was very quiet and i got sleepy but i accomplished a few things. tomorrow i will have lunch with a friend of mine and i’ll pick his brain about XML, if it’s appropriate for this project.

chad’s coworker brought me 400 grams of cadbury’s milk chocolate with hazelnuts from england. i am trying not to cram the entire thing in my mouth at once. this will not last long.

i received bunches of good news from the new job today, about benefits and schedules and stuff, and i am positively bouncing out of my seat about all of it. i just want to start. i want to do so well at this, and i want to earn my graduate degree, and there is just so much i want to do!

sometimes i worry about what i write here. i suppose there’s no pleasing everyone, but neither am i aiming to upset anyone. i should be less concerned with how people perceive me, but that lesson is still being learned. so i remain cautiously free with my words. it has already bitten me in the ass a few times, but i’m still writing. perhaps i am tougher to discourage than i seem.

i will go eat chocolate with chad now.

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