mm. what a good weekend! last night we went over to the east bay for dinner with friends, and they surprised me with a champagne toast to my new job! in addition to excellent grilled steak and cream of artichoke soup, there was also yummy pinot noir and delicious orange muscat, key lime pie with a graham cracker crust and lots of hilarious discussion. considering this plus the terrific dinner at lunesse and atomicboy’s the night before, i’m no longer interested in cooking and have decided to put all my efforts into being an excellent dinner guest instead!

today alternated mostly between the frenetic, obsessive cleaning of my bathroom (no, i don’t know why it happened like that) and chats over ICQ with editrix. there are some frightening similarities as well as delightful differences between us, and i’m having more fun with instant messaging than i have in a long time …

also, chris and i worked on his webpage, chad made excellent (and hot) chili, and i had a fun and productive writing-project meeting. whew. now i must really scurry off bedwards if i expect to be up for work in the morning. the ‘stedcam chat has been moved to mondays at 18:00, so stop by if you can.

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