karma, i kiss you

last night after work chad and i met a bunch of our friends at a brewery near our place and celebrated my new job. it was fun, relaxing, goofy and wonderful, just how i wanted to celebrate. after a few hours, two folks had to go home but the rest of us walked down the street and saw “memento” which promptly became my favorite movie. my previous favorite movie had been so for over six years. yeah, “memento” is that good.

today i met with the branch manager of the library i will be volunteering at for that digital archiving project i mentioned. we chatted quite a bit about what he wants from the project and what i can work on. i am thoroughly excited because i feel like i have a good handle on what needs to be done and that i am the person who can do a great job. i start next tuesday night after work. then i came home and was interviewed by a local newspaper about the ‘stedcam. the article should run either next friday or the friday after that, so i’ll post about that here as soon as i know. later tonight we are going to lunesse and atomicboy’s place for yummy dinner.

well, hi there! it’s been a hell of a couple of days.

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