time for an update

sarah walked by the library this morning and quipped, smiling, “so, it’s about time for a journal update, isn’t it?”

i laughed. ten minutes earlier i had handed her my letter of resignation.

that’s right; i’m leaving you, corporate world. it will be hard to leave this place for one reason only: seeing sarah every day. there are a few other people here i enjoy working with, but without sarah i doubt i would have been here half as long as i have … almost a year. without sarah last july, i probably wouldn’t have gotten the resource librarian position in the first place. she has been supportive of me since i first met her, and if i leave this place with nothing other than her friendship, i leave with more than i ever expected.

before i start crying, here’s the cheery stuff:

you can take the brat out of the university but you can’t take the university out of the brat. or somesuch. i have accepted a position as the daytime circulation supervisor of archbishop alemany library at dominican university of california. my first day will be tuesday, the first of may. no more getting up at the buttcrack of dawn to catch the hour-long bus rides, because the campus is about two miles away from where we live. i’ll have people and things to supervise, fun and funny coworkers, a small fiefdom back in academia where i love it most. and the best part of all: free tuition. o, the possibilities …

so this is the thing i couldn’t talk about all this time for fear of jinxing it. i hope you see why now i didn’t want to do anything to ruin my chances. this is a terrific opportunity at a wonderful place, and i am bursting, radiating with the news.

watch out. i’m dangerous when i’m happy.

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