all of a sudden, i feel queasy and dizzy. this is so bizarre. maybe it was the apple chips and coffee combination.

i have a lunchtime meeting. i have to make it through this. i do not want to be known as the girl who goes home sick. that is not who i am.

well, i wasn’t the girl who can’t keep a design library clean, either, then i started this job. but that’s irrelevant.

or is it?

it’s true i’m allergic to certain kinds of dust, and i have been doing a lot of cleaning in here … ugh.

wow, maybe i’m allergic to my job. hey, that’s got to be the utmost in hip excuses. “i can’t come in today. the company gives me hives.”

if i don’t feel better after this meeting, i’m going home. this is awful. i think the worst sick-feeling in the world has to be nausea. i don’t mind the dizziness so much. i used to pass out quite frequently, back when i rarely ate anything, about twenty pounds ago. you’d think i’d get the hint, what with falling down all the time, but i didn’t. eventually i did, sure. not before i did some real damage. i think most of my memory problems have to do with depriving my body of necessary nutrients, which may be why i’m such a vitamin whore these days.

whoa, grey spots around the edges of my vision. that’s kind of neat. like a screensaver. i wonder if my brain has been idle for more than five minutes …

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