i am no april fool

who planned both april fool’s day and daylight saving time on the same day this year? you’re mean. that’s what you are.

(don’t answer that question. i was being facetious.)

this weekend has been marvelous. after work on friday, chad and i went to our new friends’ house in the east bay and made homemade pizzas and drank lots of red wine and talked and talked and talked. i even got to pet a big orange and white tabby cat as i lounged in a large white leather recliner. i felt so grown-up and at the same time unboring, content, and excited to be in such a wonderful place. yes, that’s the bay area i’m referring to again. it’s hard not to when i’m so happy here.

saturday morning, chris woke us up, announcing his plans with his friend nova to go to the san francisco zoo. and you know what? i actually dragged my lazy butt out of bed to go! chad and chris took the top off the jeep so we drove down to sausalito for brunch in warm and windy style. the food was great – i had my usual french toast and eggs, over easy – and chris somehow convinced me to drink a shot of wheatgrass, “a natural energizer.” i thought i had tasted wheatgrass before, but obviously i hadn’t, because when i went to take a taste yesterday i thought i might barf all over the table. it tastes like, uh, grass. with nutrasweet. the rest of the table attacked my pride (“wussy!”) so i shot the rest of it and had an ice-water and coffee chaser. ew. won’t be doing that again.

let’s just say that driving from sausalito into the city was a tad bit cooler. it was actually painfully freezing, but i had remembered this time to bring stuff to keep my hair back and a warm jacket so i was okay.

the zoo is really nice. there were a lot of children, even as late as we arrived, but they were for the most part well-behaved and i enjoyed eavesdropping on them because they, unlike older people, are more interested in the similarities between themselves and the animals than the differences. one little guy marched right up to a speaker-box that was originally intended to play a recorded message about the exhibit it stood in front of – and the kid started talking into it, “hello, lion?” just like he was ordering at the drive-thru window. that cracked me up.

we spent what seemed like ages watching the interplay of two african elephants and a rhinocerous. the rhino was in a fenced-in area on a level about six feet below the elephants’ area; he was desperately trying to nudge a very battered and squished plastic kickball up and into the elephants. the elephants watched him intently, just as we did, and then one of the elephants got bored and went to play in the water, while the other started attacking the tire-and-chain combo that were attached to a fake tree in his area. the rhino kept at it, though. he was so close that it was hard to watch after a while; several of us mentioned wanting to go in and help him.

the peacocks were everywhere. they have such a strange call, almost a meow, but more like mee-yoooooo! mee-yoooooo! nova and i spotted one lone female and guessed she was hiding from the swarm of males who kept looking for her, desperately, calling out from high branches even (and i had never seen a peacock fly before yesterday).

i have decided that i would like either a meerkat or a koala to come live with us. that is, if zen could handle it. chris kept pointing out animals he wanted to have and his enthusiasm was infectious. i wanted to snuggle the polar bear, especially when he sat upright on his bum and leaned forward on his front paws.

after the zoo closed, we went to mel’s diner for artificial energizers. i had a chocolate-banana malt that was outstanding. i seem to be eating a lot of bananas lately, what with my newfound obsession with baking banana bread, and my liquid lunches of bananaberry jamba juice. i am still convinced that bananas go with everything.

we drove home, even colder than before, but stuffed with ice cream and a warm spring day. it’s hard for me sometimes not to explode in delighted laughter, at what must seem like nothing at all, at the apparent goodness of my life now, this unexpected, incredible turn for the better. and to know that it isn’t just a “twist of fate” or any old coincidence, to know that i am working very hard, every day, to make this life just what i want it to be, that’s the best part of all. life doesn’t happen to me anymore, i happen to it.

unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, i have no good april fool’s day pranks in store this year. this is it. don’t forget to turn your clocks forward one hour, and have a great sunday.

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