the secret ingredient

disconcerting. i am eating a lovely cornbread blueberry muffin and i take a bite and it suddenly tastes like windex. so, thinking it’s early still, i might be a little muddled in the old synapses, i take another bite. fine. it’s fine! i go back to enjoying my muffin.

then i hit the second windex bite. i look down and guess that i have taken this second bite from the same general area i took the first windex bite. what the hell. someone dropped this muffin in windex, but since only one side really fell into the noxious ammonia-based cleaning liquid, they brushed it off and put the muffin back on the tray?!

either that, or the government is trying to poison me. i prefer to think of things in these more egocentric and paranoid terms, but sometimes i can’t even fool myself.

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