in silent insolence

the nature of my job has changed slightly, shifting responsibilities a little; there’s definitely more to write about this but nothing i want to get into in any detail, not while a very good friend of mine, on my friends list, happens to also be my boss. i’m unwilling to pretend like she’s not my friend, too, or remove her from the list just so i can have some selfish venting time, so i’ve recorded my thoughts on all this in my paper journal and maybe at some point in the future i will write about it here. or we can just leave it at what i’ve already written. i haven’t decided yet, and with my short-term memory, i’ll probably forget soon enough.

at any rate, due to stresses in each of our work situations, chad and i have both fallen behind with preparing for the auditions, which are saturday and not sunday, so we won’t be trying out for the shakespeare rep. i know, i know, this sucks, believe me i know it does, but neither of us wants to do this unprepared.

in better news, chad’s work stress is as a result of a wonderful thing: his promotion to desktop supervisor. and it’s his birthday today, so wish him well! we will be doing something special tonight, but i can’t tell you what yet.

hmm, this journal entry has less content than usual. how silly. i’ll stop now, but i just wanted to let you know that i’m around but too busy to write much. we’ll catch up soon.

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I give respect and reverence to those who came before me.