i am feeling a little run-down so i opted to stay here while chad and chris go to the free screening of “enemy at the gates”. with the extra time, i shaved my legs properly — this involves not rushing through it so i accidentally scrape off the first layer of skin — and then applied some lovely japanese magnolia body oil that i got for my birthday.

(which reminds me, i still haven’t sent thank-you notes out. my mom will be horrified to read this.)

so i will take it easy this morning, make my coffee, step outside for a while … and then immerse myself in a day of the most wonderful role-playing campaign. yay. i win.

there will be a new person there, observing, and i’m looking forward to meeting her. i’ve seen her once, when chad and i were out at the mall, and she had terrific lavender hair and neat black clothes. i always wonder when i meet people who have a certain fashion style if i look dorky to them. not very long ago, i was pretty punkish myself, and aside from the piercings i just have the remnants of that in my mostly-black wardrobe. the pieces are different; now i lean towards the plain, solid-colored top and black pants and black boots end of the spectrum. i think it’s some sort of uniform for me. maybe i’m trying to look like i’m in starfleet. there’s always that.

anyway, i think about this sometimes, if i look idiosyncratic to people with a more definite style of dress. or if they notice at all. you know i notice.

last night, chad and i were invited to his boss’ house for dinner. there were lots of people there, boss’ friends, now becoming our friends, and the conversation was light and fun. are we having a social life yet? amazing.

i used to believe that i couldn’t be friends with females. this has been happily disproved recently, as i feel more and more comfortable around women i am meeting online and in person. as that shifts, i find it slightly more difficult to interact with men. can i have both, or will i always be teetering that totter?

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