i miss my mom. the best part of the weekend was just sitting and talking with her on saturday afternoon, watching her and listening to her talk about her life and theatre and people and other big stuff. phone conversations are just not enough, you know?

the worst part of the weekend was realizing my camera was stolen, but i don’t feel like dwelling on that anymore. i filed a claim with a particularly surly airline attendant and will annoy the airline until i get some sort of response. who knows. i’m sure they’ll just repeat over and over again that i shouldn’t have packed anything valuable in a checked bag — even though it was supposed to be a carry-on — and they will be secure and happy in the knowledge that forcing people to check carry-ons and refusing liability for items packed in them is absolutely the most perfect fucking petty-larceny racket i’ve heard in a long time.

okay, i’m not dwelling. who’s dwelling? i’m not dwelling.

mooms was great in her show, just like i knew she would be, but she consistently amazes me with her performances. i wish i lived closer so i could see all of her shows. for now, i’m hoping that chad and i can cajole her out here for a week sometime soon. she needs the vacation and a weekend is definitely not long enough.

it was also good to see my aunt and cousins, and adam, even for a short time. i didn’t get to see jason, which bummed me out, but it was such an intense, condensed trip. i have no idea why i thought i would have all this time to spend with people, plus pick my mom’s brain about shakespearean monologues, plus troubleshoot her macintosh, plus help her learn HTML, plus just sit down and talk with her about stuff. any stuff. just stuff.

last night, chad picked me up from the airport and took me to denny’s — that saint — where we caught up on everything that happened while we were apart. i think it’s wonderful that we have such full lives that we don’t run out of things to discuss. it was good to get away for a few days but even better that i had a good life to return to afterwards.

i’m running on about four hours of sleep so now i will return to my turtle-paced monday. glad to be back.

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