this is the freak-out part

so i’m posting my last entry now.

i had coffee with lunesse last night at borders. even though we only spent an hour together, it was relaxing and fun, and i remembered again how much i like my life these days. and how much i like luny! she’s great.

chad and i made a CD of “alternative” (can i still say that and not get beaten to death with kurt cobain memorial snowglobes?) songs from his CD collection. unfortunately, it didn’t burn properly, so i decided against taking my portable CD player at all. that’s fine: one less thing to carry.

i’m forgetting lots of stuff i want to say, i’m sure, but this is the part when i freak-out, the freak-out part, the part that doesn’t make any sense which is why it’s a freak-out. i’m freaking.

i am wearing my surprise birthday pants, the mention of which will make chad laugh and that’s mostly why i am mentioning them at all. they are bright tomato-red pants and i wore them to my surprise birthday party and cursed chad for letting me leave the house in them because they’re quite LOUD and not at all what i would have chosen for half of a birthday outfit but what could he have said, really? anyway, i now deem these my good luck for traveling pants, my lucky surprise birthday pants. they are really red. if nothing else, in the event of a plane crash, people will be able to follow my ass to safety.

i wonder if my mom is as happy as i am that i’m coming to see her. i bet she is. we will be rambunctious balls of happy italian girly-face and annoy the shit out of everyone near us, as usual. god, i miss my mom. she doesn’t age. i don’t care what you say, the key to most of this messy life is not getting old and hard and unfunny. you can age without getting old. i am going to be a crazy old lady and don’t tell me what i can and can’t say. i will shake my grey head at you and bite you with my dentures and then pee on your lawn.

and laugh. and laugh, and laugh …

maybe i should call the airport shuttle again. just to make sure. i think they’re going to change their phone number if i call again.

o, screw this. i’m going to go get some work done. see y’all monday, if i don’t post from the windy city.

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