goop du jour

in an effort to cut costs, i have stopped buying coffee for myself in the mornings. as it turns out, there is free coffee at work, as much as i can drink without peeing myself out of a job. it isn’t bad, and it’s hot, both of which go a long way.

i have also tried to stick to a more rigid budget so far as lunch forays. yesterday, however, i splurged and went with sarah to the san francisco soup company, where i had my favorite, curried butternut squash. i am pretty wacky about anything that has butternut squash in it. i remember fondly the days of running to boston market in birmingham for the butternut squash side, when it was in season.

still, i live in a city packed with culinary delights and what is my tried-and-true favorite? kraft macaroni and cheese. i can’t help it. i know, i know, the cheese comes in powdered form, it’s wrong and unhealthy and in no way actual food. gimme your bowl, then.

then there’s nutella. we just won’t get into that.

i have said before that i am easily bought by some of the aforementioned food products. the truth is, that’s only meant in jest. i’m actually quite hard to please. the easy-going nature is only a fa?ßade, hiding my various evil personas which i let out at whim to wreak emotional havoc in people who depend on me the most.

wow, that is so much more exciting than being nice! i think i’ll do more of that.

my overwhelming egocentrism and pathetic cries for attention may still be pacified by jars of nutella, so send ‘em fast and big to show me how much you love me!

(all items on this menu should be taken with at least one grain of salt. 15% gratuity added to large attitudes.)

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