happy birthday, update three

i was so grateful to leave work on friday night. the effusive happiness had left me a bit drained, but in that warm, full way, and i wanted to take a nap before chad took me out to dinner. so that’s what i did. my naptime was filled with really bizarre dreams, so while i woke up feeling refreshed, this residual surrealism surrounded me and made it difficult for me to focus on anything. (this is a major reason why i try not to catnap; naps cause supremely weird moods in me.)

chad took me to wildfox in novato; i think that link might be broken temporarily so i’ll describe it as a very nice grill sort of place we wanted to visit ever since we saw it open last summer. (that’s the best i can do, really. the coffee hasn’t kicked in yet.) i had swordfish in chardonnay cream sauce with garlicky spinach and sauteed butternut squash bits and it was all splendid. we had wonderful, gentle conversation ensconced in a cozy table and it was just perfect, as i wanted my birthday dinner to be. in the back of my mind, i mused that it would have been neat to pull off a big party with the l.a. contingent (namely stef, scott, mish and dave) in attendance, but i couldn’t complain. my birthday was splendid.

which is why what happened the next night truly surprised me …

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