bile line

there are lots of jokes about the impact of hormones on people’s moods. i feel the need to note that funny or no, it’s not always an exaggeration. i literally burst into tears yesterday because i couldn’t think of the antonym for “hypertension” (it’s “hypotension”).

i seem to be very easily annoyed, as well. the equivalent of online “road rage” has set in when my intentions are misunderstood. my jaw sets and i start growling in frustration. i feel like i can’t trust people just to take me on face value; everything i do has to have some other, lesser meaning to it. it makes me not want to talk to anyone, anymore, ever again.

and here i thought i was finally coming to terms with the fact that not everyone in the world is going to like me.

the obvious, temporary solution to this little pissy mood of mine is to refrain from interacting with people online for a bit. that would go over horribly, but i’m tired of being pissed off all the time. everyone says buck up and ignore it and while that’s all well and good, i wonder why the compromise always has to be mine.

told you i was moody. grr.

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