shape up

a lot of people have given me helpful advice about getting back in shape. i will not be able to follow all of it, especially anything having to do with me joining a gym or taking long walks at lunch. the former is impossible because i have no room in my budget for that kind of expense; the latter is implausible because i either work or do research or maintain some semblance of a social life over the lunch hour.

for those of you following along since the beginning, i quickly lost interest in tae-bo. it was too much like learning dance routines, which i gave up years ago for various reasons. mostly, a key piece of advice from billy blanks disturbed me: he wanted me not to bend my knees directly over my toes. years of dance lessons taught me the opposite and it’s no great secret that i suffer from bouts of raving paranoia but i just couldn’t trust him anymore. it’s over, billy. i didn’t try any of the other tapes that people suggested because i am a sloth at heart, and was hoping for a better solution. (i was holding out for a magical pill that when swallowed made me immediately buff. none presented itself.)

so now i am simply doing basic exercises for each of the major muscle groups with little wrist/ankle weights. when the sun doesn’t set so early i will be able to take long bike-rides with chad again. i miss those. chad is also exercising; it helps immensely to have a workout partner.

don’t tell my workout partner that i am indeed a little sore today. he thinks i am going to whine about this when i get home, but i won’t, just to show him! but ow.

o yeah, and i need to drink eight to ten gallons of water a day, too, although something tells me there’s an easier way to get me to do squats.

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