relics of racism

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BIG RAPIDS – For the first few minutes of the 2-hour session, the group of professors walks around the small, intimate museum. Some stop and stare, their eyes fixed on some of the more provocative pieces on display.

The showcase is housed in a building at Ferris State University and is a little bigger than a classroom.

A portrait of nine naked black babies is propped on a shelf with the words “Alligator Bait” written below.

Two professors stare at the image. One closes her hand over her mouth.

This is the Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia, a display of racist material, where signs that proclaim “No Dogs Negroes Mexicans” are on display.

This is a part of the United States’ story that professor David Pilgrim doesn’t want people to forget.

This is the place where Pilgrim teaches that racism is still alive. [read more]

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