wow, this week is shaping up nicely. it only took three pints of spray-starch, a handful of valentine-heart confetti, and several choice curses. and hope. never forget hope. not only does it float, it makes lovely squishy noises when you wring it out.

my mom bought me a plane ticket to chicago to see her over a long weekend in march. i also get to see her performance in “cinderella”. i’m so excited!

through a marvelous twist of fate, i ended up on a library-related mailing-list with kathleen de la pena mccook, who wrote a book that is helping me immensely with this whole going back to grad school for my masters in library and information science degree. i decided, what the hell, and emailed her privately to say hi. she replied almost immediately and is offering advice about the whole process.

unexpectedly, i received a gift certificate from for my associates program referral bonus goodness. (is it a crime to sponsor amazon? cuff me, baby. i care not.) after the silver metal lover i needed something less heart-wrenching but just as strange, and since the gift certificate was just enough to buy and ship the wooden sea by jonathan carroll, i went for it. i have taken to reading on the bus instead of napping (mostly) so i’ve already started it, and so far i’m entranced.

tonight i have promised to help chris set up his webcam. we’ll probably talk more about how he wants his website to look. i love working on projects with friends.

so this week will buck the suck factor and end well, after all. not to mention the weekend: the next session of lorin is this saturday. i’m trying not to expect too much too far ahead, because that’s how i disappoint myself most, but i think february is going to be a good month.

now if i could just get this song out of my head …

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