all quiet

yes, i am still around … although you wouldn’t know it by checking my journal this weekend, huh? well, i’ve been a bit preoccupied with computer stuff, and i have no good excuse except for not knowing what to say.

there’s really an overabundance of stuff to say, so much so that it’s all a colossal traffic jam in my head. the different issues are no longer honking and gesticulating angrily out their car windows; it’s all silent, that weary quiet that leaks into hot, twitchy afternoons.

we’re all waiting –

nothing. nope. i can’t make that first part of the blockade move. so i’ll go clean the bathroom and then cuddle up with a book before bed. i will dream of myst III: exile some more; these days, i always do.

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I give respect and reverence to those who came before me.