happy new year

remember me?

we come home tomorrow. i will be writing more about this wonderful trip soon, but i was compelled to post just a little something before bed.

holidays are tough for us. we have three families in three very separate locations, all far away from our new home in california. this year we decided to come to florida to spend both christmas and new year’s with chad’s parents. i must admit not a small amount of concern about our decision, but now on the eve of the end of our vacation, i cannot think of a better holiday we’ve spent together. the only bad part of this trip was the hangover i suffered through today, and even that was worth it. it was an apt metaphor for new year’s day; i feel quite woozy from the tumult of 2000.

and now i know that peppermint schnapps is evil in liquid form.

time for bed, to rest up for a long day’s travel tomorrow. i’ll write more soon.

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