it’s not even lunchtime and i’ve jinxed and been jinxed already today. for those of you not familiar with this venerable practice, you can jinx someone when s/he says something at the very same time you say it. (singing along to the radio doesn’t count.) the first to proclaim, “jinx!” is the jinxer; the other is the jinxee. the jinxee cannot speak until the jinxer has spoken the jinxee’s name. some rules require the jinxee’s full, meaning first-middle-last, name to be said aloud, and other rules require only the first and last. i think it depends on your level of cruelty.

optional rules include the addition of “buy me a coke!” which has either been used as a jinx-breaker (jinxee buys the jinxer a coke to break the jinx) or as a way-out (jinxee can break the jinx but must buy jinxer a coke to make up for it). the beverage of your choice can be substituted for “coke” if dietary preferences require it.

this morning i’ve already discovered tons of interesting regional variants on this game. post yours here, if you like.

and if you think this is all too sophomoric and i am a big baby for playing this game … go poop.

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