real fun

so much is happening to me inside these days that it seems like i will never write about it all. every day there’s something i enjoy, feel, or connect with, and i am scrambling to remember everything.

saturday was just fun. more of this real fun i’ve experienced in the past few months, not the fun i’ve faked at large social gatherings in the past.

chad and i got our stuff together and drove into the city to the hotel, which is conveniently right next to the civic center, but also in a semi-lousy neighborhood. i say “semi-lousy” because the tenderloin is nowhere you want to be navigating alone at night but it’s harmless if you don’t dally.

the hotel, even though we had a confirmation number, screwed us out of a king-size bed and stuck us in a room with two double-beds instead. it was still a really nice room, and i would have taken pictures of it if i hadn’t been in such a rush to put on my party dress.

chad was donning his tux (with bowtie, vest, and handkerchief in the purple of my gown, might i add) while i was getting into my dress and doing my hair and makeup, so we both got the full effect of each other’s outfits at the same time. it was a sparkly moment, reminiscent of the first time we saw each other in our wedding outfits. mostly we just grinned goofily at each other and then got ready to leave.

the civic center is a lovely building on the outside, somewhat less so on the inside, but it was full of food and drink so it’s forgiven. we found some of chad’s coworkers amongst the thousands of lucas companies’ employees and started in on the refreshments. finding an empty table was quite a score, so we sat down with another couple and were joined by random people throughout our buffet-style nibbly dinner. everyone was murmuring about the main event. i hadn’t even known there was a main event; i thought we were there to eat and drink and dance, just like at the other lucas parties. but apparently we would be entertained as well, so we started our own speculation about what it might be. i think we finally settled on “barney on ice” or “puppet mimes on ice” before they opened the auditorium doors and we filed into the balcony seating.

the place was black except for a swirling blue-purple-teal lightshow on the stage below … and for the glowsticks on the chairs surrounding the stage. i love glowsticks. we didn’t have any so one of our companions went downstairs to retrieve some. glowstick in one hand, glass of chardonnay in the other, i was having a marvelous time.

the main event did not involve barney or ice (damn!) but rather an “urban aerial performance company” called anti-gravity. they were pretty amazing, even without the glowsticks. i had seen similar choreography (particularly the mid-air sequences) about ten years ago from a dance troupe named ISO, but anti-gravity was more of a blend of that and traditional gymnastics set to club music. they were fascinating, particularly the guy who rolled around in a big metal cylinder; the control he must exert over his own body overwhelms me.

that’s the sort of dance i wanted to choreograph. another life, now. i can hardly remember it.

after that, the band started playing, although we went to see the art gallery first. in the gallery, we met up with some of chad’s coworkers from his tester days and their dates, and chatted a bit. most of what i remember from the conversation was that one woman mentioned having her nipples pierced. she said after the piercings healed, her nipples were outrageously sensitive (in a good way) and kept getting more sensitive, which must have really sounded like a great idea to me because i declared, “i’m getting my nipples pierced!” only i hadn’t realized that chad’s current boss had wandered up to join the conversation by that point and i declared it pretty much in his face. good thing he has a great sense of humor, plus he’s known me for a while.

dancing with chad was fun, of course, aside from the gaping hole accidentally created in my foot by some mambo mama with her stiletto heel. chad decided the band wasn’t as good as grooveline, although they were definitely similar; i hadn’t realized that they weren’t grooveline. when it comes to ‘70’s cover bands, it’s all good. i mean, can you really screw up disco? anyway, hours passed, and we finally exhausted ourselves so we headed back to the hotel.

an annoying squeaky-wheel sound from the maid’s cart woke us up sunday morning. the ten o’clock wake-up call happened a little closer to ten-fifteen, but it was still way before check-out time. we made a leisurely start of the day and returned to marin county a little groggy but in high spirits.

the downstairs was a little messy so we spent the day cleaning. my neck started to ache a little, as if i had experienced whiplash, although neither chad nor i could remember anything that would have caused it. in the evening, chad played poker with chris, clay and dan while i researched more about library science and grad school. later, i spent an enjoyable time with friends in #stedcam on DALnet, something that is becoming increasingly addictive. i tried to get to bed on time but failed miserably; i did update the best of the ‘stedcam gallery but was unable to get the party pictures uploaded due to a serial cable snafu. those will have to wait.

today my neck definitely feels sprained, but it’s a small price to pay for a weekend of real fun. i’m almost prepared to face the workweek … almost.

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