bus bits

after work tonight, sarah and i bused home together and saw “dark days” at the rafael, then had okay sushi at the place we remembered as outstanding. we took a tour of one of the health clubs in downtown san rafael because sarah might get a membership to one for christmas from her mom. the one we toured wasn’t impressive, but then again, i am not impressed by health clubs.

sarah has many bus admirers. one was on the bus tonight and he actually reseated himself so he could eavesdrop on our conversation. i caught myself being less articulate than usual because i knew we had an audience. and hey eavesdropping guy, if you’re reading this, you are not slick. we saw you. we giggled silently at you, as girls are wont to do. sucker.

my own bus silence has been broken. this morning i arrived at my stop to discover the bus guy there. really, i need a better name for the bus guy. marc. he looks like a marc. and it’s a library acronym too. (it stands for machine-readable cataloging.) okay, so marc was at my bus stop this morning, which hasn’t ever happened before; sometimes when i am running late, i’ll show up to his. but he was at mine and it threw me all off so i chirped, “good morning!” at him as i took my place beside him in line.

he blinked and said, “hey, how’re you.”

i replied, “good!”

that’s about when the brainpower ran out. but i am hopeful; i keep thinking he and i will chat and i’ll have a full-fledged bus buddy and maybe his wife will be cool and then the four of us can hang out and do the ever-elusive couple-things.

or maybe not. i get my hopes up like this a lot. why are all the cool couples far away? we need to import some. or i just need to get offline more often. that’s probably it …

all this like i’d really engage in a conversation with anyone new. it’s tough when i’m just so misanthropic these days. many of my idle daydreams are vaguely violent and i am hoping that venting this aggression is better than repressing it, just like the shrinks and self-help books say. otherwise, we’re all doomed. after all, i have a vast supply of 4”x4” marble samples at my disposal, and they do well in short trajectories.

last night, my bus was quite late in picking me up for the commute home. i found out why: the screaming woman got on it again, and popped our sweet and gentle bus driver in the nose. nice. we wish you a merry christmas and a happy black eye.

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