locked out

the librarian from one of the other offices called me today to ask for my help. this is a big deal (for me, not for her).

so i start to research the question – and this is really the best part of my job, this is the part i look forward to, savor, and reminisce about – and i discover the one database that could really help me is under figurative lock-and-key. if i were a member of an academic institution, or even a professional organization, i might be able to access it.

so i am left to comb the search engines. i don’t think most people realize how wildly uncategorized the web really is. heh, at least it’s public.

part of my frustration with being a newcomer to the field of architecture is that i haven’t made enough contacts yet to schmooze my way into password-protected databases. and so much of this job is drudgery that i want to do this one exciting thing right. maybe then i’ll feel like i’m worth something here, that i’m pulling my own weight, that i’m contributing to any sort of process. aside from throwing away carpet samples, of course.

god, i’m just pathetic today. i hope david wasn’t too repulsed by me at lunch.

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