why is it that when i really need to sleep, to rest, to recover from a shit day and to prepare for a good day so i am human and charming and awake … i can’t do it?

i just realized that one month from now i will have had my nose pierced for eight years, and i will have been on the internet for nine.

can you bleed to death without knowing you’re even hurt?

once i was quoted as saying, “if i were a stripper, i’d name myself möbius.”

i do not remove my sterling silver möbius strip pendant, not even to shower.

my current job is one-third janitor, one-third designer, and one-third librarian. i’ll leave it up to you to guess which third i like best, which is also the most underutilized.

sometimes, zen sits up like a meerkat and chatters at me.

(this entry is in the style of and dedicated to randomlife.)

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