the community of belief

piece of dirt, that is all i’m standing on today piece of dirt, the whole world has slipped away i find myself haunted by a spooky man named me i wish that i could jump out of my skin
last night in my weekly chat we had a bit of a religious discussion, which is always welcome in my life. i have so much to learn about how people relate to the world around them, and i think religion provides some excellent metaphors for just that. one of my best and oldest friends brought up some interesting points about how she will raise her child in regards to not only her beliefs but religion in general. listening to all the different viewpoints spurred my own wistful thinking about the sense of community that comes from belonging to a spiritual path. it’s been a year and a half without one, for me, and although i’ve been happier and more at peace with myself and with how i fit into the world, i still miss participating in a group with a sense of altruism and philanthropy.

it didn’t take too long to realize that the only group i’d feel comfortable seriously approaching these days is the unitarian universalist association. i have no interest in any group, religious or not, that touts intolerance or prejudice under the guise of morality. from what i know of unitarian universalists, they seem the least prone to this sort of hypocrisy.

my dad and stepmom are very active in the unitarian church in their hometown, and when i was living there i enjoyed participating in their events. the whole group was so relaxed and cheerful that it put me at ease. in birmingham, i tried not-very-hard to join a unitarian congregation; my other religious beliefs at the time kept me wary, distanced from nearly anyone at all, always on the defensive.

it didn’t take very long for me to find a local unitarian church, and i’m seriously thinking of going to a service this sunday. is it so strange to want to join a church not for the spirituality but for the community? is that a valid reason for joining, or should i look elsewhere, to non-religious groups? there is some inimitable bond between members of a congregation, and although i don’t miss the roman catholic church most days, i do miss the membership. before it was revoked, anyway.

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