kick, punch, trip, fall

the tae-bo tapes from meredith arrived yesterday, so i tried the first part, which i suspect is secretly subtitled “ten sure-fire ways to throw your back out”. actually, it’s pretty fun, and i’ve always wanted to learn how to kick and punch instead of bitch-slapping and groin-kneeing like a wuss. plus, i can tell it’s going to do wonders for my strength and balance. i will be strong like bull! my family is going to make so much fun of me for tae-bo-ing over vacation, heh.

last night, i updated the best of the ‘stedcam with a few choice snaps, as well as my very first piece of what could be considered “fan art” (although she’ll puke in my shoes if she reads this) from my friend malice, who turned me into a goth ‘sted with a wave of her photoshop wand. i love it. speaking of malice, she too has a webcam and a journal, so go stalk her while i’m gone.

that’s right, you heard me … i will be disappearing for several days as chad and i travel to michigan for thanksgiving. we leave tomorrow and will be offline for the entirety of this trip, which ends late sunday night. my paper journal will be coming with us, however, so i’ll update you early next week with handwritten entries. please stop by the ‘stedcam chat tonight at 19:00 pacific to socialize a bit while i do my last-minute packing scramble.

happy turkey day, you american peeps. and for the rest of you: get back to work, you slackers! what, do you think this is a holiday dedicated to binge-eating or something? the nerve of some people.

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