well, yesterday started out pretty grand … chad, chris, jody and i attended the free screening of “the grinch” which was as wonderful as i thought it would be. then jody left and dan arrived, and the four of us decided to fetch food and coffee in the mall before heading up to the shards of the stone role-playing game session. not wanting to take longer than was necessary, we skipped the international house of pancakes idea and opted for starbucks coffee first, then burgers from carl’s junior. mm, what a combo. i have cut down considerably on the amount of coffee i drink during the week, so i decided to treat myself to a double hazelnut latte. as i attempted to climb out of the backseat of the jeep, chad saw my difficulty and first offered to hold my coffee, then set it down on the roof and helped me wriggle out.

then the passenger door slammed, knocking the coffee off the roof … and onto me. my hair and my back were completely drenched in hot hazelnut latte. so was part of the interior of the jeep, but jeeps are made to be rugged. halsteds are not.

to be fair, it was less upsetting than it was uncomfortable. coffee and milk do yucky things to hair, and then there’s that bizarre feeling of wet, cooling fabric on only some parts of the body.

there was no doubt that we would have to go home so i could change and shower. we got food first, and then sent chris and dan on ahead to sean’s while chad and i returned home to eat quickly and clean up. that took only a short amount of time, and then we were back on the road and once again heading out for a day of fun, exciting gaming.

but it was not to be. there are several reasons for this which will be addressed privately today, when i am more awake and more distanced from the situation. needless to say, i have learned quite a bit about role-playing game styles, particularly about what i do and don’t enjoy, and how much of my all-too-rare free time i am willing to spend in the pursuit thereof.

i did get quite a bit of knitting done, however. i am on the lookout for a good knit beanie pattern for someone who dropped a humongous hint yesterday about what he wants for christmas …

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