chew on a piece of your shepherd’s pie

sarah, dan and i went to lunch at the irish bank today and i tried something new. okay y0m people! i had no idea shepherd’s pie was so scrumptious! anyone willing to post their favorite shepherd’s pie recipes, please do so here.

i’m not sure how many of you livejournalers know about the different security levels you can set on your entries. i just wrote my first “private” entry, which basically means that only i can read it. this may seem like a silly enterprise, but it works nicely for things you want to remember but don’t need to share with anyone. try it!

also, you may have noticed a change in the look of my journal. i’m now using a slightly modified version of the “generator” template, which makes me much happier than my sloppy original one ever did. i love this damn thing.

[insert fascinating aspect of our country’s inability to choose its own leaders; if there isn’t one, make one up here]

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