bed, ’sted

i should be in bed. instead i am playing with the new memories feature on livejournal. good toy. bad ‘sted.

thanks to all who showed up to the ‘stedcam chat last night. it was lots of fun, and i was especially pleased that some new folks dropped by. i even showed self-restraint and logged out at a reasonable hour; i’m glad i did, since that gave me more time to talk on the phone with stephanie when she called. yay!

i started knitting another scarf, this one in soft beige wool-ease (acrylic-blended wool yarn). if i knitted more efficiently, i’d actually be able to crank a few of these out for holiday gifts. instead, i’ll be lucky if i finish this one before 2001.

today i glanced over at the bus guy and noticed he wears a wedding band. funny how i made assumptions about his intentions without even checking for that. i chastized myself appropriately for my prejudice. maybe i will say hey to him tomorrow.

i really am going to make it through this week somehow, and when it’s over, i am going to have a huge bonus wonderful writing day on saturday to make up for it.

‘night, peeps. bed, ‘sted.

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