sunday is a fun day

mmph. that is the sound a halsted makes when she is saturated with storytelling goodness. yesterday was a particularly awesome session of the lorin campaign; i cannot wait until chad gets the write-up posted, because i want to share it with everyone. everyone’s characterizations improved drastically yesterday, and one scene in particular affected me strongly out-of-character, making me consider just how weird and unexpected my protective instinct is, when it surfaces. as a result, i also got a big nudge in the direction of future character development – call it inspiration. i’m psyched.

chad had to work today, so we cut the game short at about 01:00, and he dropped me off at home and went straight in. i ended up falling asleep almost instantly, contact lenses in and everything, and we both slept straight through until 17:00. oof. i think we needed the sleep, but i hope this doesn’t knock us off our schedules too much.

in response to last week’s whine about being out of shape, meredith is kindly sending me her old tae-bo tapes. i’m trying to think of what i can send in return. i wonder if she could exercise to videotapes of my intriguing performance as titania in “a midsummer night’s dream” in high school.

… maybe not.

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