part three

carrying this thread over from yesterday, since i didn’t get to do any of these …

the third thing i want to do today is give someone i don’t know flowers. i would have to buy cheapo ones, but it could work. i just want to see the look on that person’s face; i hope it would be a big, surprised smile, that delighted look that some people get, complete with eye-sparkles. i’d give chad flowers, but he would instead give me the look of “you are nuts” which is a look i am well acquainted with, from him and from some other friends …

the fourth thing i want to do today is play chess with a mouse in the mechanics’ institute library chess room. mice happen to be excellent chess players, you know. they just don’t have opposable thumbs. i would let the mouse play by proxy, so a human could move the pieces for her. but that would mean i’d have to find a human who spoke mouse, and who was a member of the mechanics’ institute. this complicates an already implausible thing.

the fifth thing i want to do today is sleep. i want to sip sleep through a crazy straw, slip fake-fur-lined sleep gloves on, scrape my scalp with a stiff sleep brush. i want to shake hands with sleep, kiss the forehead of sleep, buy sleep a drink and take sleep home in a taxi, and i’ll even respect sleep in the morning.

the sixth thing i want to do today is finish preparing for the game tomorrow. it’s going to be a doozy, and i don’t feel quite into it yet. that will have to change very quickly.

the seventh thing i want to do today is understand one mystery of the universe.

the eighth thing i want to do today is learn how to set reasonable goals for myself.

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