the election that would not die

so, uh, right. you people wonder why i’m a libertarian!

the “when i grow up” nader commercial running said, “… i want to choose between the lesser of two evils.” how about the lesser of three? of five? does it matter how many?

i have friends who voted for nader, and i didn’t chastize them for it, nor will i here. i just hope they can live with the results. i am living with the results of voting my own conscience, and no, it doesn’t necessarily feel good to do whatever you want to do in the voting booth, especially not when you’re unsure what it is that you’re doing.

the media says we won’t know who “won” – and that’s in quotes because, to paraphrase a comment made in the ‘stedcam chat last night, no one really wins in elections this close – until thursday afternoon, when the florida recount is completed.

and me? i’ll keep learning about the american government, and as a result i’ll keep discovering just how little i appreciate its more archaic forms (c.f. the electoral college). i’ll also keep posting my dorky opinions and related bookmarks just in case there’s anyone else who, like me, strives to understand not only what to do next but how we got here in the first place.

i think i’ll just start drinking now so i’ll be under the table by thursday afternoon. actually, that’s not such a good idea; if i started drinking now, i’d be under the table by 09:00.

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