election day

yes, i missed the ‘stedcam chat last night. blame that guy i live with. (in a good way, though. hee.) i arrived a few hours late, and to my surprise darius and stephanie were still there. we were joined later by scott and scott, and had a rousing discussion of today’s election. i regretted having to go to bed so early, even though it was way past my bedtime. i’ve rescheduled the chats to tuesday nights, so show up in #stedcam on DALnet around 19:00 pacific if you’re interested. i’m sure we’ll talk politics again; how could we not today?

which reminds me to remind you: vote.

stuff is piling up in the library. i am finding it increasingly difficult to care about this, as my job description shifts from “librarian” to “glorified janitor” and then back to “librarian” again. well, at least we hope back again.

still, i will not complain too loudly. everything has cycles; this is no different. there’s something to be said for mindless tasks: the aforementioned mind is allowed to roam freely through all sorts of paranoid hypothetical situations.

in honor of the day, have a look at “testify”, a music video from rage against the machine.

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